The Note Book Day 6

6th February 11.50am

Today I have been struggling to get a few things organised, but frustratingly things that are out of my control, my mind has been distracted and I can’t seem to take a picture. I had to revisit the empty property to take some external images and went in for one more look and some hope for a bit of motivation. I really struggled, the external images were bracketed on a tripod and they came out slightly blurred, I used a great depth of field so should be no reason, I put it down to wind and tripod tremor.

I caught an image of myself in one of the rooms and took a photo, I looked out of the window and rather than balance the exposure I concentrated on the view, it was of a trees branches, they were very busy ( a bit light my thoughts ) and interesting in shape and made what was happening in the room of less interest to me at that moment.

I left with the hope of taking more photos but that was the last light my camera saw that day.

I was really unsure what to write apart from the strangeness of my lack lustre day, I put my headphones on to listen to the Blue Notes ( 15 years ) and the calmness of the music and the tap tap tap of the type writer made me remember an image I took of my cousins type writers.

On a super positive end to the day, I received an image I  had sent to a retoucher Ben Moorehouse Media, the photos I took aren’t great but its a concept, an idea which I visualised and Ben was able to put it together just as I had imagined. Extremely please with the results.

The mirror reflecting my image
Interesting branches outside the room
Interesting branches outside the room


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