Sofort so good



Anyone thinking about buying the new Leica instamatic camera? Don’t think, just buy it!
This is the definitely most fun I have had with a camera. Beautifully designed and so easy to use, The Leica instamatic is a must for parties, dinners and any kind of gathering with friends.
Everyone will want to have their picture taken and will love posing for you, I borrowed my sister Claudia Monticello’s and she won’t be getting it back.

You can buy both black and white and colour film and they both render really well, the colours are just perfect with a cool, real retro feel to them.

Here are a few shots taken at a recent family get-together (actually they are pictures of the pictures). Because the only ‘problem’ with the camera is that you end up giving away the photographs. But I have to admit, it’s a real pleasure to take a picture and give someone a copy immediately. This is a camera that puts a smile on your face as soon as you shoot.



Pictures taken with Leica M9 and 50mm Summarit




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