Chelsea Rendezvous 96 Club

I was invited to the first 96 Club Chelsea Rendezvous of 2017 at Gresham Place Belgravia. At 8.30am on Sunday morning I was still in bed and my phone rang, I begrudgingly answered, it was my sister, calling to say she had forgotten to ask if I wanted to see some classic cars at a meet at Gresham Place. My first reaction was ‘stay in bed’ but then I thought, let’s be a happy snappy and put on a strong pot of coffee.

Batteries all flat I grabbed my Olympus OM1 stuck a roll of Ilford HP5 and was ready for action. I got there for 10am arriving before the day of rest rush hour. I spotted a Ferrari Dino and just had to take a picture of my sister’s dog Dino who is actually named after the car; now how cool is that.

Here is a link to the club website but basically there’s a monthly breakfast meeting where you have the opportunity to see some very beautiful cherished cars and have a bit of a chat.

Anyway not the usual car photos, a bit different in black and white but hey, with a Georgian backdrop Victorian  garden and some older cars maybe it’s just a different take. And when there are a few dogs lurking I just cant help myself.

I was only there for an hour but had great fun and got away just before the skies opened up.


  1. Roberta

    Complimenti per le foto,sono bellissime,hai fatto bene a non rimanere a letto..

    • admin

      Thank you Roberta grazie

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