Albert Bridge The Trembling Lady

Michele Monticello
Albert Bridge

Growing up in an Italian household based in London you might say that I have dual loyalty. Not at all I love both of my countries and am very proud of the culture and freedoms they offer. London is both my physical and spiritual home and I love its physical and spiritual vibes. I love its structures, its parks and its many different villages, theatres, galleries and iconic structures, many of which I love to shoot.

One of my favourite London landmarks is the magnificent Albert Bridge, now 144 years old. Built by Rowland Mason Ordish, the bridge is yet another monument to the outstanding architectural and engineering feats of the second half of the 19th century. Sure, a bridge is just a bridge, but the beautifully lit Albert is a beacon that represents a link between our past, present and future; how we were the workshop of the world and what might we become post Brexit. The bridge is my local as I live near Battersea Park, and it is one of my favourite places to take creative photographs.

This wonderful short poem by Delasoul sums up the bridge’s pull.

Albert Bridge (the trembling lady)

Clad in glitz conspicuous from a distance,
Are you Bridging the gap of surreal and reality?
Survived the blitz, 75 years of bliss,
History lies beneath my feet.
Albert stands above the Thames river!
We gaze in awe as the evening breeze whisper Voices of soldiers decades gone who walked your path,
Chanting post lightning war songs, ecstatic to be spared from its wrath.

Enamoured with your beauty,
We linger more than We should,
Ponder your fragility When you tremble
as automobiles drive through,
from Chelsea to Battersea
You epitomise a harmonious medley,
Of antiquated and contemporary architectural artistry.

Michele Monticello
The Trembling Lady
Michele Monticello
The Amazing Albert Bridge
Look at Me
Follow the line
Albert Bridge
Streaking on Albert Bridge

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