A family tree

A house without a heart is not a home (Ezra Furman)

I love architectural photography and to look at images of homes – they fascinate me. I love interiors and buildings and what they symbolise. Home is where the heart is and reflects its inhabitants’ characteristics. Homes go beyond the function of just a roof over a head, they tell us something about how we live. I have been very fortunate to have had access to hundreds of amazing properties and for me it’s all about a feeling, sometimes you walk past or see a property that just feels right and for a moment you think: ‘I could live here’ or ‘I wish I could have a home like this’. It’s a strange feeling but it can be overwhelming when it feels right and it fits.



My folly has always been tree houses, I don’t know why. Maybe I watched too much Tarzan as a child.  I am so drawn to these crazy homes in the trees. I came across this tiny little one-room tree house and just couldn’t help snapping away with my camera without to much thought.

Processing the files through lightroom I  then converted them to black and white and it just made the structure look even more magical than my first sighting. It created these beautiful patterns with the wooden room hiding between the branches while revealing itself in a strongly organic way.


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