A cowboy walks into the 96 Rendezvous and says Audi !

A cowboy walks into the 96 rendezvous and says  Audi ! 

The October 96 Rendezvous was my favourite to date. I’m officially a member with stickers and a badge to prove it.

Last year I went to quite a few horse shows – horses are so beautiful and powerful, incredible to watch and great to to be near such amazing energy. But this year has been cars.

Four legs give way to four wheels and they have a similar effect on me as horses. There are some beautiful cars with superb designs, the creative work that goes into the design of these wonderful beasts is amazing and inspiring. Even the names they have creates an energy and feel that excites.  Classic cars are just  modern horses, sculptured out of metal and under the metal hides the engine, the horsepower our modern day mode of transport. It’s about the journey, the bond and connection we have with our rides.

For me cars express a sense of freedom a place where I can dream, I can listen to my  music I can indulge in my fantasies and be whoever I want and go wherever I want. One of my photographic heroes Robert Frank travelled the Americas with his family in his Ford car and created a body of documentary work that is just inspiring, around 28.000 photographs for a book called the Americas, he  was quoted saying “ I was absolutely free just to turn left or turn right without knowing what I would find.”

The October meet had a huge turnout and it was a real treat of a Sunday morning which culminated in a delightful lunch in an Italian restaurant with friends and a large bottle of wine. I hastened to add our horses were safely back in their stables.

“He drove a Maserati, lived up in the hills, A cat with nine lives that’s gone, Too far” Journey
Whites and Pinks
Sporty and Sophisticated
Ready Steady Go
Steady Special 96 Rendezvous
Love Trees
E Types are just so cool
I can see you
How many people came to the 96 meet ?


Riding Shotgun
Hasta LA Vista

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