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Jacks Hill Café is a historic classic car, truck and bike meet based on the A5 in Towcester and has been used as the backdrop for the BBC’s Top Gear Series. It’s been there since 1955.
Up until Saturday night I had never heard of it. Early Sunday morning, I ventured out of bed at a ridiculously early time to drive up north to join a friend and his friends for a classic car meet, we arrived at about 10am and managed to have a prime parking slot as the place filled up with a raft of cars and motor bikes.
Being my first time to this event I wasn’t really sure what to expect or what sort of cars would be there. I wanted to travel light so I packed my trusty M9, a 50mm lens and two batteries. I should have brought the 35mm instead but the thrifty fifty was just fine.
The were plenty of Porsche drivers in attendance, but the cars that caught my eye on the day was a magnificent Aston Martin parked next to an E-Type Jag, and a Datsun Z, Porsche 912 in cream white and a spectacular 1984 Lotus Esprite Turbo with a beautiful blue exterior and fantastic blood red leather interior.
This was a great couple of hours with fellow classic car enthusiasts and an amazing opportunity to savour cars from the golden years of design.
The weather was perfect and the day was wonderful. Highly recommended!
Jack Hills Cafe

Michele MonticelloMichele MonticelloMichele MonticelloMichele MonticelloMichele Monticello

Michele MonticelloMichele Monticello

Michele MonticelloMichele Monticello

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