Myanmar MonAmour

I have to admit that sometimes I do other things than just take photographs, my friends kindly organised a trip to Burma and set some clear ground rules of no photographs in the evening.
Our destination was Myanmar formally known as Burma which has always been on my bucket list.  I had been thinking of going there for years but for one reason or another have never made it so here we come Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay.
Myanmar is an amazing place its culture, the people, the history, temples, lack of western faces makes it a real adventure.  The person that probably made me want to go there is Steve McCurry, his photographs just made it look like a paradise for photography and not as cliché as Cuba from a photographic point of view.

The reality was I found it quite difficult to photograph, I felt as I was riding through just taking holiday snaps and wanted something more authentic and National Geographic in style, I felt I needed to find my way and also take more time. My camera bag was Leica M6, which unfortunately played up so I choose to just shoot with the Leica M9, 18mm, 35mm and 50mm lens. I brought a speed light, which was hardly used A tripod which was mainly used for bracketing. And absolutely essential is a waterproof camera bag. It was Monsoon Season.


This is a destination I will go back to with just photography in mind; I would probably employ the services of an experienced guide which helps save a lot of time if you don’t know where to go. I have already pencilled something in my diary for February 2018

For anyone interested, please see Itinerary for Burma/ Myanmar, it’s a very easy destination to travel, internally your limited with travel mainly to tourist towns. It felt relatively safe and everyone is super friendly.


Travel Itinerary May 2017


  1. Flight to Bangkok with Thai Airways
  2. Flight from Bangkok Don Mueang Airport with Air Asia, to Mandalay Airport.
  3.  Hotel Yadanarbon, 77th Street, Central Mandalay, Myanmar
  4. Taxi to Bagan Thande Hotel , Old Began 05232.
  5. Flight from Bagan, NYU Airport to Yangon, RGN Airport with AIR KBZ,
  6. Hotel Esperado Lake View, 23 Kan Yeik Thar Road, Yangon.
  7. Flight from Mingaladon-Yangon to Bangkok.

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