Karma in Lama

Karma in Lama


The Lama Temple (Palace of Peace and Harmony) and also known as the  as the Yonghe Temple is a temple and monastery of the Gelug school of  Tibetan Buddhism located in Dongcheng District, Beijing.

The building and artwork of the temple is a combination of Han Chinese Han Chinese and Tibetan Tibetan Style.

This was one of the main highlights of my visit to China. I was mesmerised by its beauty; it was really busy and people from all walks of life came to worship.

The ritual would start with burning some incense outside the temple building and then going in to the various temples to pray,

There was a real feeling of serenity and I tried to take as many pictures as I could (photography in the Temples and of the Buddha is not allowed).

Leaving the Temple grounds I came across a happy-go-lucky Monk. I took his picture and managed to have a selfie with him.

These are a few photos from the morning I wanted to share.




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