Kung Fu Love Island

Kung Fu Love Island

Show me the Kung Fu Love

As the new season of Love Island is starting, so we return from our annual Martial Art Training week in Mallorca. True, our trip was not filled with as much drama, beautiful bronzed bodies (some may argue that point – we are trained warriors ) sex or romance, but what we did have is an amazing week of bonding, training and relationship building with Kung Fu brothers and sisters.

The days started with an optional two our session from 7.45am followed by Sifu Leo Au Yeung Wing Chun training, lunch and free time then more optional training followed by more Wing Chun. I absolutely loved the martial arts as well as taking lots of fun pics and developing great friendships with like-minded people. I even made a few extra friends and got know the people I share my passion with even better. The photography on these trips is always secondary to the training but I’m always happy that I get to pull out my camera and just snap away.

Watching Love Island brings back fond memories from the trip and creates a longing to be near the sea.

Enjoy the view of these pics.


Sifu Leo Vs the Light House

A Big Hug

Dancing in the Moon Light
Love my Dummy
The Winners of Kung Fu Love Island 2019

Friends From Germany

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