Top Gun Winging It

Top Gun Winging it

This weekend I had been invited to 24 hours of Le Mans racing, unfortunately I had to decline last minute and suddenly found myself with a free Saturday. Luckily I received a call from my friend Anthony inviting me to the Dunsfold Wings and Wheels near Goldaming.

I had met Anthony a few years ago when I had helped him with a couple of portraits. He is a real people person with time for everyone. He listens with interest and makes you feel important. If you are having a conversation with Anthony, you will never see him check his phone for messages. He is totally engaged with you.

As a guest of Anthony it was VIP all the way, although this will be the last year of Wings and Wheels as the land that the event is organised on has been sold, so I felt very lucky to have been invited.

The weather was not perfect but great for moody shots, I only had a 50mm lens on my camera so just focused (pardon the pun) on capturing a few of our Top Gun.

Thank you Anthony

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