Belgravia Car Show

Belgravia Car Show

Belgravia Dog

For whom the Belgravia tolls

Belgrave Square is one of the largest 19th Century squares in London. With two hectares of communal gardens, the square contains a statue of Christopher Columbus along with various others including the Vitruvian Man Homage to Leonardo  by Italian Sculptor Enzo Plazzotta.
The square is also host to the Belgravia Car Show and via the 96 Club Chesham Square I was able to organise some tickets for the 2019 spectacle. The cars are always wonderful to view and I always create a dream list at these shows. But for me the fun part is meeting interesting people and their dogs and if I have my old faithful with me, snapping a shot or two.
Probably my favourite image of the day is seeing a dog in the gents’ toilet, I really couldn’t ask for more inspiration for a shot. So glasses raised to an amazing day, amazing weather, amazing friends and family and a wonderful way to spend the weekend.

P.S I was also chuffed to have caught an image of world famous Michelin Star Chef Anton Mossimann ( or someone that looks very much like him ) asleep and reflecting in a car

Mr Gelato
Dom Joly
The Wolf of Belgravia
Bichon Frese, Poodle & cool looking Boots
The Yellow Dress
It Wasn’t Me
I Love Mini’s
The Butterfly Effect
The Saint
Police Car
Mirror Mirror
Look into my Eyes
The Swiss Car
Sitting in the back of the Car
Gin and Tonic at Belgravia

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