The Little Black Book

The little Black Book

I was in my fathers study, looking for something and I came across a little black book, it was a beautiful leather bound sketch book with a long leather strap. Actually I discovered this book about three years ago just after he passed away. The book contained several sketches he had made while going to the park with my old dog Ginny, my beautiful German Shepherd, my first dog.

My dad was not really an animal person and he definitely did not want a dog, so he was slightly horrified when I came home with a large German shepherd one day, but things changed and he grew very fond of her.

Having a dog opened a whole new world to him, usually he would be locked in his study engrossed in his dream world and walking the dog gave him a welcomed break and the opportunity to meet and talk with people.

He was extremely proud walking my dog, I was really lucky to have a rescue shepherd that was so easy, she was incredibly loyal and intelligent, she walked to heel and would return immediately when called and dad loved this. While everyone’s dog ran riot, with one call of her name Ginny would come running back and make him look really good, she was a dog that just wanted to please.

Dad’s routine would consist of 2 or 3 walks a day in the local park. This little book puts a smile on my face, it makes me remember my dog and I can imagine my dad sitting on a bench, thinking of ideas for his next project and sketching in his book. I can imagine Ginny sitting in the grass next to him just enjoying the fresh air and the two of them keeping each other company. It was such a treasure find.

Cirnecco Etna

A book about Dogs for Dogs

Reference to Valentino Monticello : The Art of Valentino


  1. Roberta

    Bellissimo e COMMOVente…complimenti a te..e AL TUO PAPA…

  2. Battistini angelina

    Carissimo michele , questa e una cosa bellissima Che hai fatto , grazie che mi hai fatto partecIpare a QueasTa tua nuova storia ( aventUra ) ! Non passa giorno che io non penso a tuo papa . Lui eRa e sara sempre una delle persone piu importanti della mia vita . Ti abbraccio forte. Zia angela xxx

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