The Note Book Day 4

The Art House

4th Feb 2019 11.30am

Today I was taking pictures of an empty house, it was a very tired house in need of renovation, available to buy  and waiting for someone to give it a new lease of life. As I wondered around I felt myself being strangely drawn to what had been left behind, there was not much in the house,  a room with pictures and a box full of paints, then on one of the landings an old phone, downstairs, some stools and an old broom a bedroom with a box and carving on the mantle piece.

It was an overwhelming feeling and it was just a quick series of photos it was dark because the weather was quiet moody and I wanted to keep the photos slightly under exposed and maybe darker than it felt, to add to the sensation.


The Paint Box


The Lady in Waiting



IPhone you Chair


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