A shot in the dark? I could hardly Containerville myself

Laughter in the Barbers Chair
A shot in the dark? I could hardly Containerville myself

The invite read Boom Comedy and Troise & Sons Proudly present Comedy at London’s coolest barbering salon – inside a shipping container. This was the second gig at the Containerville venue between Bethnal Green and Hackney Central – for the first one I consciously left my camera behind and regretted doing so. This was definitely a very cool Barbering Salon and venue for a comedy night.
I’m still trying to work out a few of my personal photography issues and direction with my Martial Arts Photography project. But in my Change blog, I mentioned that I was resigned to the fact that I may need to change or adapt to the way I shoot and was almost prepared to add to my camera system. But talking with my mentor he reinforced that I had everything I needed, I just need to get out there and shoot.So the second Containerville invite came at the right time and I grabbed my faithful M9 which is known for its poor low light performance. I embraced all its weakness and decided that I was going to take responsiblility for the images produced. The M9 is old in the digital technology world and there are cameras that are more digitaly advanced. But it is good enough to do anything I want. The real question is can I be good enough for M9 at a comedy night in a barber salon in a shipping container with very low lighting?  I raised the ISO to 1600 and kept with my idea of just shooting black and white this month, mainly as a way of refocusing myself and just thinking about the way light effects an image. This was a wonderful night and I hope I managed to give it the justice it deserved.Thank you Mark and all the amazing acts.


Mark Rivlin

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