The Italian job (96 Club Ferrari Sunday meet)

The Italian Job

Michele Monticello


Last Sunday the 96 Club had a meet at Gresham Place in central London. I had just flown in the day before from Shanghai, watched half a dozen films back to back on the plane and tried to get no sleep so I could fall back into UK time with least amount of jet lag.

Sunday was of course Mother’s Day and I was woken up at 9.30 by my sister who was on her way to the meet. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my M6 with 4/5 shots left of film, and with the Olympus OM1 I rushed out for an hour of looking at beautiful classic Ferraris. I recently discovered a fantastic car photographer Guenther Raupp. Anyone interested in car photography and beautiful cars has to buy his book – it is filled with magnificent images of an incredible heritage of Pininfarina design.

To savour these iconic vehicles was a privilege and as my short treat ended I thought of one of Ferrari’s classic straplines: ‘What can be conceived can be created’. I picked up mum for a delightful meal at Buonasera. From cars to food my day was spent sampling un assaggio di Italia (a taste of Italy).


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