There is No Charge for Awesomeness – Po

There is No Charge for Awesomeness – Po

Mindfulness in Motion

A superhero is a person that does heroic deeds ordinary people cannot do. To be a superhero you need a power that is more exceptional than other human beings and you need to use that power to help people in need.

Friday 6 September at Centre Park training camp was the beginning of something a great. We met for 14 hours of intensive training to try develop our internal martial arts engine, which can be applied to all walks of life and to go forward into the world and make a difference – to help and to do good deeds and empower people with what we learn.

Our engine is martial  and definitely Kung Fu but the ethos and meaning behind it is so much more. In short, we are learning to deal with life. We are working on developing a skill set that resonates with everything we do and we are learning to be mindful and aware, to conquer motion in stillness and become the best version of ourselves as we seek to use our abilities and help others.

In my post Martial Heart I touched on the effects Martial Arts training has had on my photography and also my life. I feel blessed and extremely lucky because amazing things happen to me all the time. I feel blessed to be able to live the life I lead and sometimes I feel like I’m part of a really cool movie with each day bringing a new opportunity. Really amazing things seem happen to me and I meet incredible people that inspire me to do even more, and to be better.

This weekend I was inspired by my awesome buddies. We are lucky to have our teacher show us the path and with his knowledge and experience to guide us along and our friends to support us. We fail and succeed together and we help each other to move forward along the road to absolute awesomeness. We have not reached the bottom of the mountain yet and our journey will be long and hard but I am excited by what lies ahead.

Last week I had some news that completely destroyed my ability to focus as an obstacle and disappointment caused me a lot of pain. But my training helped me listen, understand what was happening, accept it and redirect it and let go. My feelings are still there but I now know that I can only control my own circumstances. As long as I am true to myself everything around me falls into place.

Why fight everything we encounter ? Life should be easy to navigate, it’s our state of mind that prevents us from being our best. Remember when you were a child and anything and everything was possible. In moments of absolute lucidity, I’m Tony Stark, Peter Parker or plain old Clark Kent. Be the superhero you believe you are. “Win in stillness conquer in motion” Shy Mindfulness in Motion

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