A Beautiful Life

A Beautiful Life 

Colourful Memories


Creating Memories in Black and White

Approximately 5 years ago my father passed away, about 6 months before he got ill, I went into his study and took some very quick photographs. He was making a small Collage for me and I wanted to try out a 50mm lens which my sister had just bought for her camera.

Little did I know at the time that these were going to probably be some of the last images I had of my father before he passed away. Dad at this point was probably already riddled with Cancer.  The point of me writing this small message is that at the time I thought I was testing a lens, but what I had done,  purely by chance was take some photographs of my father and created some lasting memories.

I have always taken photographs but this was a big turning point for me and how I look at images. I feel that until that point my imagery was rather thoughtless, I looked but without looking, I definitely felt I had no substance to my photography or awareness in the way I truly composed a picture. I also did not take photographs of the people that surrounded me and held closest to my heart.

I  seek comfort in looking at his photograph, I can look into his eyes and see him as I remember, I can look at him one more time and feel him with me. I feel so lucky that I took these photos.

Just after his death, I had wondered how many of us say the things we want to say to our loved ones and how many of us regret not having more memories. A beautiful Life is a small project I have just started, I would like to have the opportunity to spend time with anyone that wants to just build memories, images of their loved ones.

I was lucky enough to capture my Fathers eyes and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. I would like to try and bring the same joy I get from looking at his photos to others.

The Lead photo is not of my father but of someones moment in time, they were dancing in front of me and completely unaware that I had taken their photo, in that moment Life is Beautiful, time has frozen and we get to dance with our loved ones again.

My Father Looking a bit like Salvador Dali
Dad at work in his Study
Valentino Scissor Hands

The Art Of Valentino


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