What’s Your Story?

What’s your Story?

Everybody has a Story, They say everyone has a book in them, we are who we are as a result of where we have been metaphorically and within a story is another story.

I have just spent a week with a group of people that  I have never met before and each person has their reason for having taken up Kung Fu or Martial Arts and by common ground we were brought together because of this interest but what is fascinating about Martial Arts is that it is and does different things for different people, it gives us what we need at the time we need it most and it is the magic pill that cures all.

It’s a complete system of health, healing, balance and fitness, it educates and calms the mind, it puts us in a state of mindfulness and awareness and if you are open it becomes a way of life.

By submerging myself with like minded people, I feel that I grow as a person, my martial skills improve, my photography feels more organic and I feel blessed for my energy, I feel like I have drunk from the Elexir of life and to some degree have no limitations, I feel like the young 18 year old version of myself and look forward to every day with a degree of excitement and only realise I’m the older version  when I look in the mirror or think about my life.

I dedicate this Blog to my Kung Fu Brother Lee and I one day hope to read his Story.

Walk a Mile in their Shoes
“I Fear not the man who has practiced a 1000 Punches but I Fear the Man that has practice a Punch a thousand times”
The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
Be the Hero
“It Is Better to Conquer yourself than a 1000 battles” Buddha




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