The Note Book Day 15

The Note Book Day 15

Today was Don McCullin Day :))

Day 15 started, with the end of day 14, but I wanted to keep day 14 about Loved ones.

The Building with no Windows

The  afternoon of the14th, I attended a Leica academia course at the new Leica store in Duke Street, “How to grow your photography _ with Arteh Odjidja. I was invited at short notice and did not have that much time to look at Arteh’s work, he’s a really talented photographer and has a really beautiful soul. I was really impressed with his enthusiasm. The program was about finding your style (which I am still working on ) and creating projects of meaning and how to execute them.

It was a really great 3 hours, super inspiring and also thought provoking.

Straight after the course I headed to Wimbledon to meet Alan my accountant of nearly 30 years, feeling inspired and aware that in the 30 years I had known  Alan i did not have one photograph of him. He thought I was bonkers as I pulled out my camera and  stole a couple of pictures of him in the curry house.

Today I went to see the exhibition of probably one of my greatest influences in photography Sir Don McCullin.

He is a genius and this exhibition is one of the best I have every been to, a life time of images, each photo speaks to you from the soul,. It is people like Don McCullen that have inspired me and continue to do so, he has dedicated and risked his life so that the world could see through his eyes. This is an incredible journey of one mans life. I bought the book and I will go again.

Don McCullin at Tate Britain
Risking your life
The Beginning of self knowledge
you cannot look away
Seeing looking at what others cannot bear to see
If your talented equipment doesn’t really matter !
Still Life
Photojournalism and Art
Don McCullin at Tate Britain
Military Helicopter over Tate Britain
Who’s the oddball taking my Photo

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