The Note Book Day 16

Notes day 16 The Barber Shop

Saturday 16

The day after Don, keeping my daily notes has been my project, an excersise and way of committing myself to develop and explore myself as a photographer/a person and to focus on trying to communicate  with myself.

Having looked at Don McCullins work, it is clear that he has a theme a focus and a style. My big question to myself, is what is my style ? Can I develop a unique way of taking photographs that defines me as a photographer / as an Artist ?

 So today it’s a day of reflecting on images. 

My little book of Ikigai  gives me a couple of pointers : what do I love photographing ? What am I good at photographing ? What connects me to images ? Do I like black and white photography ? Do I like images in colour ? Film or digital?

There’s an Infinite amount of questionsI need to ask myself.

I enjoy taking pictures of people so will try and take a photograph of a person each day. While sitting in the barber shop waiting for a haircut, I kept myself busy with my camera.

The Afghan


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