The Note Book Day 17

Creating Memories in Colour

Sunday 17 woke at 6.30am

This is early for me but I had a lot of things going on in my head.

I wanted to take a few portrait and was thinking Black and White then colour, so I tried my mum in colour, then went to visit my aunt and took a couple of photographs, colour and black and White.

I have a magazine called the Loro Piana Journal. Its Fashion magazine, I have been looking at the front cover for weeks, It has a very beautiful image of a lady wearing lord Piana Clothing, a light blue shirt and deeper blue skirt, the backdrop is the ocean. The image is shot with a shallow depth of field and the background is blurred but there is a lovely subtle line that divides the sea from the sky, the sky being a paler shade of blue. The model looks straight towards you with quite an intense look but could also be in deep thought and looking straight through you. Its a soft image slightly nostalgic and has film tones to it. The Photography is created to a Boo George. It really is my favourite image of the day.

Black and White or Colour ?
Selfie with Family Creating Memories in Black and White

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