The Note Book Day 14

The Note Book Day 14

Love Train

Last Night while thinking about photography and how to take a photo that embraces Love on Valentines Day, I came across a post by photographer Eric Kim the tittle “Love who you photograpah and Photograph who you Love ”

Bing, this was what I was looking for, it almost leads on from yesterday reading the book of Ikigai ( raison d’tre ). Today is Valentines day, its my fathers name day, he past away in 2014 and it was his loss that invigorated my appetite for taking more photographs and lead me to Leica.
I have deep regret that I did not take more photographs of him, I was always busy trying to take photos of things that I thought would make good pictures, street photography that I though would make me a cool photographer but I didn’t take pictures of people I loved or were close to me.
Now I never search for a picture I just always let my heart and soul guide me even if the end result isn’t that great, its is what I feel at the time or in my decisive moment. I take pictures of my loved ones, my dogs and the people that are important to me, I strive to create memories, my memories that are important to me and to the road I travel. I’m concious that one day I will look back at these images and smile and help me remember a shared moment, a place or a place in time, however small.

Photography is an incredible medium, Its art, its documentary, its creativity, it teaches you body language, it enhances your senses and compliments everything you do in Life and leaves you with a sense of every emotion possible, So thank you Eric Kim for being my inspiration today, for that sweet short sentence “Love who you photograph and Photograph who you Love ” because I know if you follow this rule you can only feel the joy of Love in your heart.

Just a few pics taken on St Valentines days :

Morning Loveliness
More Morning Loveliness


Morning Tongue but Still Loveliness
I Love you To
Love Behind the Morning Mist
Messages of Love On the Underground

Happy San Valentino  Dad

Dad and Linus


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