The Note Book Day 23

The Note Book Day 23

Wu Wei be Like Water.

A Day of Mindfulness ? A day of Distraction ? Or just an amazing beautiful day filled with lots of opportunities to take Photographs ?

On my way to grab a coffee in the morning, I bumped into my neighbour and took a detour to the park my little dog, who ended up in the pond, this meant she needed a bath. I couldn’t help taking a few images of her disapproving little face.

Then some Pasta and a few snaps of Mum.

Pm was a big walk at Wimbledon and some more picture taking. It was a beautiful day and the colours were amazing but I was in a black and white mood, it was lights and shadows that captured my attention.

Here are the 3 Parts to my day

Street Photography in the Park

Morning Walk
Don’t Even Think about it
I really Don think I Need a Shower ! Honestly Dad I'm really Clean
I really Don think I Need a Shower ! Honestly Dad I’m really Clean
Please Let this Be Over Soon
I am Not a Happy Dog
A dog walk always Starts with the first step
Take the Lead
American Cocker Spaniel Wimbledon Common

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