The Note Book Day 888

Baby purple tulips
Baby purple tulips

Notes day 888

8th February

8.00am Getting ready for my Kung Fu lesson, slightly embarrassed and apprehensive as I have not put many hours practice in this year, for whatever reason after a full on Kung Fu schedule filled with amazing trips last year, it all ended with back to back colds followed by breaking my toe, 5 days before I was due to fly to New York to meet my kung fu brothers for a Kung Fu Seminar our sifu was hosting. I took the decision to regretfully cancel and stay in the UK.

Today didn’t go as bad as I thought but I’m still aware I’m not on top form, tonight I should be going to class practice, but have made the decision to make Monday class instead and just do some home practice instead.

8 is my lucky number, well I don’t know if it really is but I love the shape of 8, it’s soothing to look at. It’s also a very auspicious number in Chinese tradition, So today is also the 8th of February and my alarm went off at 8am and it’s day 8 of my daily notes and photos.

The weather outside is still grey, wet and windy, and I have decided to make today an admin day. My lawn has started smiling and has burst into bloom with what looks like baby purple tulips, it’s really odd, non of my neighbours gardens seem to have anything like this going on. It was almost a Joe versus the volcano moment. Everything is grey and I’m blessed with some colour, maybe no one else can see, the rest of the world around me seems covered in a grey cloud.

I counted the eights in my day there’s 888, consulting google the first thing that comes up is Angel 888 and this is considered more than just a coincidence. This is an Angel’s way of communicating a message of Love and Guidance.

Searching further, google says a triple 888 is seen as positive and progressive 888 reveals itself when your thoughts are in alignment and that what you are doing is right and that you should keep at it.

Then I asked Wikipedia and the symbology in Christian numerology of the number 888 represents Jesus so I think I can’t really add or say more about 888 today is certainly a day that I need to be aware of.

mini Tulips
Mini Tulips
Admin Day


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