Crouching Jaguars Hidden Alfa

Crouching Jaguars Hidden Alfa 96 Club Meet Sunday 10th September.

Having attended Concours of Elegance last weekend, I wasn’t too sure if I should go to the 96 Club Meet with it being the Goodwood  weekend and possible turnout or attendance.

But hey ho it’s a 9am start and I can leave by 10ish and I still have the whole day ahead of me, So I pinged a text to my neighbour, a really cool guy who used to work for Top Gear. I think he nearly gets as excited as me looking at an old lump of metal that’s is beautiful sculptured into a work of art that makes purring noises when you turn the key.

I knew I wouldn’t be long and I nearly didn’t even bring the camera, but I try never to leave home without it because when I do I always regret it. There was no traffic and we were there in 15 minutes.
As we walked into the garden I was immediate taken in by the two beautiful red E Type Jags parked next to an equally wonderful Alfa Romeo.

I just finished eating a bacon and sausage butty and decided to snap away for 10 minutes before leaving.
I started with the Talbot as it reversed towards me, then Eyeing up a gorgeous Blue Ferrari 365 GTC4 the brother of the Daytona V12 and working my way around the dance floor, snap snap convertable E type, moving over to E type Coupe, then gently snapping the Alfa which was being eyed up by a photographer. Then I swiftly moved across to a beautiful and elegant white Lancia, first photographing the chrome superleggera writing on the bonnet and then a quick look into into the interior. That’s me done, I’m out of here.

As I left the event there was a beautiful mint green impact bumper Porsche parked to my left then like a stroke of magic the most incredibly unusually shaped car in a Bluey/Green Teal like colour drove past and I managed to grab the shot, this one I will definitely not convert to Black and white.

Then like magic the sky changed colour and the gods cast a beam of sunshine on the Porsche inviting me to take its picture and I did and it felt just perfect and with that in the vault I left completely satisfied.

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Ferrari GTC4
Jag Convertable
Jag Coupe
Alfa Photographer
Classic Lancia
Porsche 911 2.7





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