In Search of Selfie Beijing Day 2

The Great Wall of China

Today I took a ┬átrip to see the Great Wall, Im was visiting the last and furthest section, the Zuanduo Pass and feeling very tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night, probably jet lag and was up at 7 this morning.

The Zuanduo Pass is approx 3hrs drive from Beijing, when we arrived we grabbed a quick bite to eat before setting off. This section was not very touristy, a complete contrast to the buzz of yesterday. My guide stayed behind and I started walking the wall on my own. It was a very strange experience, its such an incredible structure that I found myself wanting to be with someone to share this amazing place. In this sudden need to be with someone, I fell into a form of loneliness, everywhere I looked were families and couples enjoying their day together, laughing and taking pictures, this almost took away my desire to take photographs, I was overwhelmed by solitude.

I also lost the desire to take selfies, I managed to ask a few willing people, but I didn’t take too many pictures today, which now leaves me somewhat regretful but that’s how it goes sometimes, I suppose with every high there’s a low. A slightly lost opportunity though.

Visibility in BJ is really poor today, there’s a haze that covers everything and the sun tries to shine through but docent quite make it.

Getting back to the hotel, I decided that I should go to the shopping mall and explore and grab a bite to eat and managed to take a selfie with a dog which made my day.

The Shopping centre is buzzing and has a real trendy lively feel, with plenty of restaurants, bars and coffee shops, The Mall has all the major brands both high end and main stream, everyone just looks so hip and cool, the energy is incredible.

The Peking Duck Restaurant

Light Display

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