In Search of Selfie Beijing Day 1

In search of Selfie

Day 1 was travel day, 16th March, events leading up to getting to the airport were starting to make me feel that I shouldn’t be going on this trip and especially as it was such a last minute decision to go and I was beginning to think that maybe I shouldn’t.

Upon arriving at Heathrow Airport I went straight through to the gate sat down and looked up and a sign said :  ” The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  St Augustine of Hippo

Im sure that there is a much deeper meaning to the words but i took comfort in my decision to go ahead with the journey and my plan.

My Selfie project as well as pushing myself to do things that are not in my comfort zone is also a lot more about discovering myself.

Anyway day 1 is plane journey to Beijing, China. Why Beijing? Subconciously there’s probably a reason why I started there but it was literally the first place that came to mind. The flight is about 10hrs and I arrived approx 11am in China. I took a cab to the Beijing International Hotel which will be my home for the next 4 days.

A friend’s wife kindly introduced me to a few of her friends and one of them offered to meet me and show me round in the afternoon. She’s  married and  has been living in Beijing  with her husband for about 10 years. She was so lovely to me and made my first day a perfect start.

She took me to the Art Zone 798, which is sooooo cool it’s unbelievable. I took a few photographs but will need to go back its just an incredible location.

Day 2 which feels like day 1 I arranged for a guide to take me around and we visited  Tienamen Square, The Forbidden City, The Winter Palace and the Summer Palace.

I love Beijing so much, its an incredible city and glad I came. I’ve spent about 8 hours wandering around today, taking pictures, thinking and just trying to find my balance and I managed a few selfies and some street photography in between.


  1. bao

    How are you. I am with you in tiananmen photo boy. Could you please send pictures to me. Thanks

    • admin

      Hi Bao, thank you for checking in, which picture are you in ? and I will try and send asap,all the best Michele

    • admin

      Hi I have tried to send the pictures to you but not sure if you have received,let me know if the haven’t come through and I will try again thank you

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